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01 июня 1953
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Россия , 07.09.2022
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Си Цзиньпин

To the Embassy of the People's Republic of China
to the Chairman of the PRC Xi Jinping

Dear, Xi Jinping!

The people of Russia demand to stop the dog meat festival! Your people have made hell on earth for dogs! Any normal person can't understand what you do with animals! Does not such a great country already have no compassion for our lesser brothers! How can you abuse living beings so cruelly?! And Vladimir Putin considers you our allies.... Stop the mayhem! STOP THE DOG MEAT FESTIVAL! A copy of the letter was sent to Vladimir Putin and the International Animal Protection Community. Please reply by an official letter to the post office kolmyk_ekaterina@mail.ru

Ekaterina Portnova


Портнова Екатерина
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