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06 апреля 1963
Рафаэль Корреа
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Украина , 06.12.2018
Dear Sir
Rafael Correa

I am using an automatic translator. Good day Rafael. My name is Nikolai, I'm 31 years old. I was born in the south of Ukraine in the village of Horodokivka (6-7000 inhabitants), where I received primary education. I was born in a family where the financial condition was lower than the average level. After graduating from a local school, I started working at a local sugar factory. Realizing that this work did not suit me at all (I was dissatisfied both from work and from her payment), I decided to go somewhere in the city in search of a new job. These searches only confirmed that it was not an exit. I realized that I do not want to do what I do not like. I realized that from ancient times I have a latent dream about starting a "business". I have been living with this idea for several years, and I again realized that in order to start a business, you need the so-called "initial capital". This is a minimum of 40 - 50000 euros. And I do not have it. My earnings are hardly enough to live. In addition, it's time to create your own family. I really want to do it. I want to create a family, live and work in my native Ukraine. Unfortunately, because of the war in the east and other factors, the situation in our country is very complicated. It is extremely difficult for me to agree with the idea that it is necessary to leave my native country, because there is no other way out. That's why I'm asking for support. I love Ukraine very much and I want to support it with my work, life and presence. I have many ideas that I would like to realize in favor of my family and society. I am sure I will be able to implement many of them if I get initial support. If you want to somehow support me in my inquiry and help you realize your old dreams, I will consider it to be great charity. Thanks.

Sincerely, Mykola Kaminskyi.
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