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25 января 1948
Халифа ибн Зайд Аль Нахайян
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Украина , 27.04.2020
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Халифа ибн Зайд Аль Нахайян

Dear, Khalifa bin Said Al Nakhaian, my name is Misha Derksen and I have been living football all my life. At first I played professionally, then judged and coached! I live in Ukraine, in the Melitopol town. 180 thousand people live in our town and residents dream of having a good professional team! I am proposing the start of a large project to create a football club to achieve great results and your popularity in Ukraine and Europe! This is a great opportunity to be loved by the whole region 2 million people and 45 million people in the country. To create this brainchild and raise it will be a huge achievement for us and you!
Literally 5 years is needed to enter the championship elite and another 1 year to get into European competitions! I attach a photo of the stadium and the current team of our city. Dear, Khalifa bin Said Al Nakhaian,I beg you to consider my offer and I will look forward to your reply. With respect and love, Misha Derksen. mishaderxen8@gmail.com

Misha Derksen
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