01 June 1953
Chinese President
Xi Jinping
#66301 | Question
Belarus , 20.11.2023
Уважаемый господин
Си Цзиньпин

Hello. I wanted to ask you because you are a country of opportunity and are interested in the improvement and development of the country. I do not have the proper education and experience, but I want to work in the field of weapons development, analytics, business, military and civil industry, consulting trainee, space industry, implementation and promotion of future technologies. I have an analytical mind, a creative approach, a penchant for design, a rational and balanced assessment of the situation - I am a “Futurologist” on a global scale. Is it possible to get a job like this somewhere in the government? I would like not only to move to China, but also to make a big contribution to the development of the country.
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