01 June 1953
Chinese President
Xi Jinping
#55841 | Informational letter
Russia , 24.09.2022
Уважаемый господин
Си Цзиньпин

24 09 2022

currently, trump has just said that so many bloody meetings were held by the sons of the Putin dynasty Moscow, the Putin dynasty St. Petersburg, and these personalities won the World War II and points to the Holy Virgin Mary, the head of the CIA and his brothers, the American writer Elizabeth Prophet callsigns Varvara and her sisters under the same name Elizabeth Prophet.

Elizabeth Prophet in white trained the electronic presence to play negatively.

Elizabeth Prophet in white is trying to protect her sister's life with the callsigns of Varvara, so she activates the lithuanian terrorist under the name lolita baziukene 1, lolita baziukene 2, lolita baziukene 3, lolita baziukene 4 to fight with my personality.

Trump, in a conspiracy with grybauskaite brussels and grybauskaite's understudies, believes that lansbergis and the named lolita Baziukene are the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

I ask for your help to remove from the territory of Moscow, from the territory of Russia, terrorists trump and his understudies, grybauskaite and her understudies, lansbergis and his understudies, lolita baziukene and her sisters, deimantas baziukas, algimantas baziukas.

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