01 June 1953
Chinese President
Xi Jinping
#55719 | Informational letter
Russia , 23.09.2022
Уважаемый господин
Си Цзиньпин

Mr. President.

let me introduce myself.

23 09 2022

Since 2015, my personality has been on the territory of Moscow Russia at the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

I am the daughter of the military prosecutor Avtandil Grigoryevich Kereselidze 1938 01 01.

My maiden name is Lina Kereselidze 1965 11 12.

Lina Kereselidze got married and changed her last name to Lina Yuknene. In this marriage my daughter Lauryna was born
1985 07 05. Lina Juknienė got married and changed her surname Lina Baziukienė.
My daughter was officially adopted by my second husband algimantas baziukas on 1956 03 26.

Lina Baziukienė is the publisher of Elisabeth Prophet's books in lithuanian.

Lina Baziukienė is fluent in lithuanian.

Lina Baziukienė officially received copyright since 2001 from the parent organization Summit University Press for the publication of Prophet books in lithuanian by the publishing house Angelic Light "Angelo sviesa", lithuania. The publishing house has been open for 10 years.

Lina Baziukene married Zotov Sergey Konstantinovich 1958 05 08.
during her marriage, she did not change her surname to her husband's surname for 8 years because of the publishing house, which was registered in the name of Lina Bazukienė.

At the end of her marriage, in 2014 she officially changed her first and last name to the name Maria and the surname of her husband, the former Zotov.

Currently I am the owner of the name and surname Maria Zotova.

Putin Moscow The President of the Russian Federation assumes my identity as a freelancer to submit information about ongoing events, an octave higher.

My identity is accepted on the grounds that I know and have read books by Prophet and have participated in the Summit Lighthouse Conferences in Moscow since 2000.

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