01 June 1953
Chinese President
Xi Jinping
#32893 | Reminder
Russia , 01.07.2020
Уважаемый господин
Си Цзиньпин

Mr. Xi Qinping,
I am writing to you as a resident of planet Earth. I am also a resident of this planet, and here we are equal, and this allows me to turn to you. Again there was a "festival" of dog meat. This is after your ban on it. How can this be explained? China has two big problems - the first is indicated, the second is Bear bile farms. Now you have rough edges in relations with the United States, and this brings you closer to the EU. But you will never be treated as equals while you eat dogs and torture bears.

Here you are equal to Papua New Guinea and African countries. Are all your declarations on the protection of nature and humanism an empty phrase? You can add the Russian Federation with a cowardly government. Why are you lying to the world community about farm reduction and animal welfare in accordance with international rules? Why does the state not close fascist concentration camps – Bear Bile Farms - in the country in the 21st century?
You just announced at the party congress that the main goal is to live in harmony with nature on the principles of humanism ?? At the end of the 20th century, you promised to steadily reduce the number of Bear Bile farms until they are completely destroyed.
Bear Bile farms not needed. The only therapeutic component in the bear’s liver is ursodeoxycholic acid UDC. It has long been replaced by synthetic analogues of the same action. UDC is isolated from animals in slaughterhouses.

The real good doctors of traditional Chinese medicine insist on using herbs that are more effective than Bear bile, easier and more ethical.
The use of Bear Bile can only be allowed if it were used to treat very serious diseases, such as cancer. And not diseases that are easily and effectively treated with herbs.

Who says that Bear Bile is the only source, they lie. This is lobbying their interests in the existence of Bear Bile farms. This is corruption.

The state has the opportunity to close farms without prejudice to the "Economy" (this is not an economy, but the shame of the country). Now cheap oil and gas.

The government must educate its citizens. Now the Chinese economy has achieved good results. Now it's time for education. In the spirit of humanism. As Confucius said.
It is time for cultural progress. An uneducated, uncultured person is easily prone to violence and inappropriate behavior.
But culture is not just art. This is spiritual development, high morality and humanism. An immoral person can steal and kill.

I hope that 4000 years of Chinese civilization will continue now.
If a person is drowning, help is urgently needed. Bears on farms EVERY MINUTE experience horror and pain and wait years for release. Be wise and humane. This is a matter of prime urgency. Make the country truly great. And prisoner bears at least once in their life should step with their wounded paws to the ground, and not the iron rods of the cage.

Yours truly Marina Lebedeva Saint Petersburg
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