30 April 1959
Prime minister
Stephen Harper
#09479 | Reminder
Russia , 12.04.2017
Уважаемый господин
Стивен Харпер

Proposal to the financiers of science

I will inform the solvent interested persons
On the true structure of elementary particles.
Exclusion of science-like profanity;
I guarantee the absolute reliability of information.
A million euros can arrange for me,
With other proposals, please do not disturb.
I warn the freeloader, sponsor and philanthropist:
Only one hundred percent advance payment is possible.
I will be informed orally on the same day,
In writing - every other day.
Experts should be sensible people,
Prejudiced dogmatists will not hope.
To exclude collusion, in order to return the payment,
The presence of scientists from abroad is necessary.
I can conclude a contract in the cold season.
The proposal is thirty-three years old.
If the signature letter and seal are on the letterhead,
I will probably answer such letters.
Mailing address: Russia, 196602,
St. Petersburg, Pushkin-2,
Pavlovskoe highway, 37, 22.

S. N. Tumakov

С уважением Сергей Николаевич
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