30 June 1954
Serzh Sargsyan
#22083 | Business letter
Russia , 08.12.2018
Уважаемый господин
Серж Саргсян

Good afternoon, dear President. My name is Oleg, I live in Russia, Moscow. I have a business proposition for you. The matter is that I plan to open the business, but the authorities of the country in every possible way resist that the ordinary population opened something independently. My family was denied loans and I want to offer you to become an investor in my project. I am a specialist in the Purchase of alcoholic beverages and want to open my Stores in Moscow. To do this, I need$35,000. These investments will be returned in 6 months and we will be able to return them to You or donate them to orphanages in The world. My Bank account: 40817810038188453035. With respect to You and Your family, Mustaev Oleg

Мустаев Олег
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