26 February 1954
Recep Erdogan
#55677 | Informational letter
Russia , 23.09.2022
Уважаемый господин
Реджеп Тайип Эрдоган

Mr. President.

yumashev, the terrorist arbitrarily threatens my sister, my dear Natella Sural, that, on Yumashev’s orders, they will bring his own daughter Natella Sural to the concentration camp to Yeltsin’s understudy. I ask for your protection.

I wrote in my server that yumashev's daughter threatens my life and is in a conspiracy with the terrorists of lithuania, in particular with the terrorist lolita baziukene 1, lolita baziukene 4.

yumashev's terrorists, under the name of Vladimirs, are waging wars with the legitimate acting Presidents in the post of President.

are in a conspiracy with the terrorists of lithuania, who are controlled by the terrorist henrikas daktaras and his 5 accomplices.

read in my server.

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