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Russia , 22.05.2020
Уважаемый господин
Халифа ибн Зайд Аль Нахайян

My name is Oleg Provatorov and I am a Russian founder of a new start up project  SPORTCLUB.
We introduce our project for you due to consider this project for further potential investment.

SPORT CLUB is an innovative IT project for trainers and trainees which includes following:
- mobile application
- social network
- multifunctional platform for trainers to run their own business  (to open  virtual fitness club with trainers and clients, to develop the net of virtual fitness clubs and vending this ready business inside the SportClub App to other trainers).
- possibility to develop profession skills and  share them.

We combine all parts of fitness industry and join them  in to one Mobile Application, which presents services from ‘dressing room’ to personal distant workouts with text, photo and video contents. The quality of each services inside the application is higher then in real fitness club as its strictly controlled by management system.
SPORT CLUB is a combination of fitness business (with possibilities to workout  distantly with different worldwide famous trainers)
and a social net (with possibility to communicate with Apps clients due to share fitness skills and results etc).
Our project is currently on the Pre-seed stage and we need investments to run our project  on the world market. We are ready to consider project’s development out of Russia.
Project need $2mln invetsments
Plan net income for 5 years after project’s start – $88 mln

If it will be interesting to you, I will send a full presentation with an economic model in a response letter. Thank.

Best regards
Oleg Provatorov
IT Project Development
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