12 August 1954
Francois Hollande
#34762 | Business letter
Russia , 26.08.2020
Уважаемый господин
Франсуа Олланд

We were able to get information about what was happening in the bunker of the Military Academy of the General staff.

Schroeder, Snowden, Obama long legs required Putin the President of Russia to pass one understudy zyuganov up.

zyuganov, zyuganov's understudy, guaranteed long legs in a dialogue with Obama that they would start a war with the United States. zyuganov trump grybauskaite neroli duffy spoke about the following plan in relation to the Russians.

catch it and send it to the monastery.

neroli duffy explained about the war with the US and what will happen after a nuclear explosion in certain US States.

neroli duffy said the following.

The United States has reached the peak of civilization and they need a reverse course, a return to the level of chimpanzees. Obama Africa, the African nation can not catch up with the level of civilization of the United States.

Obama has often said that the Russian nation needs to be reversed and returned to the level of chimpanzee thinking.

Obama long legs spoke about how he was driven from the United States and only the Lithuanian Nazis under the management of lansbergis, grybauskaite sheltered him, raised him, raised the potential for declaring war on the United States.

we found a suitcase with an explosive nuclear device that Obama long legs carried on the roof of a lilac house near the military Academy 100 Vernadsky Avenue.

after the nuclear explosions, developed the theme of neroli duffy, we from the monastery and taking Putins forces to build after the destruction and thus the brain to download it from occurring in the capture of the Moon and nearby planets, we take him from the war for the diamond treasures of heaven, we remove it from the virgin Mary and to build further the building of the MOUNTAIN Mother, not one of Putins.

profet for his rape in the concentration camp at grybauskaite voted for the plan of war with the United States and the seizure of power trump zyuganov Obama long legs.

profet was the initiator, according to grybauskaite, of conducting nuclear explosions in an hour's flight over the Airways.

profet, currently is an activator of the hunt for my identity and a provocateur causing my physical real body grief in the form of rape by terrorists repeat offenders understudies under the name of lukashenko.

profet, despite the prohibition of Obama Washington about approaching my virgin every day activates the beating of my Virgin by repeat offenders under the name of lolita.
we are asking you to arrest Obama long legs.

Obama long legs copies OBAMA WASHINGTON, humiliates him, insults him.
we ask that you arrest Obama long legs and isolate him from OBAMA WASHINGTON.

read in my server.

Maria Zotova
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