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Russia , 02.12.2019
Уважаемый господин
Энтони Эббот

Hello, I don’t know if anyone will read my letter, but I really hope for your help. My name is Anna, I am from Russia (Samara city). I’m not a machinist, not a liar. I’m just a man from a small town who was left completely alone with a small child (I’m a single mother). I grew up in an orphanage, I'm all alone - I'm scared.
Since my childhood, my state did not care about me at the orphanage and was always hungry and went to school in turn because there were only one set of winter clothes for 3 girls. I was able to learn and graduate. I asked for help from the state, but they answered that the state already fed me 12 years. I can’t work yet because there’s no one to leave a child for him, only 1 year old, and they take a kindergarten from 2.5 years old. I get $ 73 a month with my son for two and that's it. we have practically nothing to eat. I have accumulated a lot of debt for an apartment of almost $ 3,000; we are constantly cut off electricity and threatened with eviction. after pregnancy I was left practically without teeth, and I’ll never save up about $ 1,200 in teeth (I can send a photo of my teeth). I don’t have bad habits, I don’t drink alcohol and drugs, I always led and lead a decent lifestyle, it’s just really hard for me to give up, I dream a lot and want to stand up and raise my son as a worthy person, I believe in miracles. I beg you at least for any help, I will be happy $ 1 because I can buy fruit for a child, I accidentally read about you on some website as a person who is not indifferent to human troubles and grief. I have been chased and beaten from everywhere since childhood. I am very tired and I am refused everywhere, but I believe that there is someone who will hear me, someone who will not turn their backs and lend a helping hand, I decided to write to you, I am very ashamed that I so helpless. but I try not to give up, I try to look decent, just do not smile because of broken teeth. I do not speak English so the text may not be entirely correct and will not be able to convey my pain, I write through a translator. I am very scared that my son can survive what I experienced during the years in the orphanage (there is hell). in our city there is no work for mom and baby, there are only deceivers around (I tried to earn at least a little bit, but they didn’t get me). I'm tired of crying ... I dream not to cry anymore.
my tel: 79277240979
just in case my details
 Card number 5336 6900 2171 6230
 Yandex money: 4100110825242582
I ask in any case, write the answer, I will know that I am not alone and they hear me somewhere. it’s infinitely hard to be all alone on the whole earth.

Анна Яковлева
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