17 July 1954
Federated Chancellor
Angela Merkel
#40135 | Business letter
Russia , 07.04.2021
Уважаемая госпожа
Ангела Меркель

Dear Madame Angela Merkel!

Two statements by V. Putin are widely known (Valdai, 2018):

1) " ... and we as a victim of aggression, we as martyrs will go to Heaven. And they'll just die… Because they won't even have time to repent»,

2) "...we do not strain anyone. We don't create any problems."

I invite your scientists, advisors, and colleagues to carefully read my works on the topic of Paradise and political ethics. Determine which of the two of us – V. Putin or I. Klimenchuk - is more worthy to govern Russia and represent it in the international community:

I don't want power or money. As a scientist, I believe that they distract from the thoughtful inner work. But if you want a de facto balance in the world and in Russia, then I am ready to take part in the management of Russia and talk to people. More than thirty years of studying politics, ethics according to the Scriptures, spiritual experience, aesthetic education and university education will allow me to quickly restore order here and turn Russia into a fashionable power.

I also know the following for certain. After perestroika in the USSR, the archive of the visionary Vanga moved from Bulgaria to Moscow. I know that in 1984, during a trance, Vanga called my last name Klimenchuk, linking it with the future heyday in both international and Russian politics. There are living witnesses to this. Perhaps there are also corresponding tape recordings.

I think so. - Knowing this, V. Putin tried to duplicate my behavior and tone by means of surveillance, counting on the success predicted by Vanga. But you can't hide an awl in a bag, and thoughtless linear dubbing gave the opposite result. Time puts everything in its place. You will look very carefully at the works that V. Putin submitted for applying for degrees and degrees to extend personal power, and you will find that they are based on plagiarism, because for success it is not enough to duplicate another person - you need to be one.

Best regards and best wishes,
Ilia Klimenchuk
March 14, 2021

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Best regards and best wishes, Ilia Klimenchuk
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