01 August 1924
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Ukraine , 23.07.2020
Уважаемый господин

Dear, Sir Abdullah.I am Hanna from Ukraine.I am a massage therapist.This winter I have been visited your country first time, I worked as a massage therapist on Festival Winter at Tantora in Al Ula,Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately project was closed earler than we planned, because quarantine started and I came back home to my country. I want to come back to Saudi Arabia with all my heart. I like this country because I saw that people respect each other their,that men respect and protect women, that government support their citizens, that everything in your Kingdom is made to give people possiblity to live happy.Dear,King, could you please help me to find possiblity to come back to Saudi Arabia. I like Saudi Arabia, I want to work and live there.If your staff will help me or no, anyway, I want to say: thanks God for everything, thanks God that He gave me first possiblity to visit this country and I believe that God loves me very much, I believe with all my heart that He will help me to come back to Saudi Arabia again. Inshallah.God bless all King's family.

With best regards, Hanna
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