01 August 1924
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Moldova , 09.07.2020
Уважаемый господин

Hello my name is Kambur Katalina. I'm 31 years old, we have two children
and we live in a very small apartment. Until now, I worked as a tutor in a
kindergarten. Now I'm on maternity leave for caring for a child. My husband
works from morning till night, but we still do not have enough.Everything
is spent on the loan that we have taken in order to improve the housing
conditions in this room. We can not buy an apartment for more in our
country. It is very difficult to live in one room with two children, and
they need a place to develop more. Apartments in our city cost 45.000
euros. We will be happy with any help. Thank you in advance. Our address is
Republic of Moldova. Autonomous territory of Gagauzia. Comrat city, Lenin
street 207/7

Catalina Cambur
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