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Alexander Lukashenko
Mouz bint Hamad Al Khalifa
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Laos - 1%
Switzerland - 1%
Ecuador - 1%
Uruguay - 0%
Barbados - 0%
Hungary - 0%
Honduras - 0%
Senegal - 0%
Suriname - 0%
East Timor - 0%
Georgia - 0%
Azerbaijan - 0%
Latvia - 0%
Namibia - 0%
Singapore - 0%
Algeria - 0%
São Tomé and Príncipe - 0%
Brunei - 0%
Slovenia - 0%
Argentina - 0%
You must be the change you wish to see in the world
(Mahatma Gandhi).

How little things we are able to choose on our own... We often face the situations when there is no choice, because someone else has already chosen someone or something for us. On this page you can not only get information about the upcoming elections in different countries, but also interactively vote for a particular candidate.

After selecting a country and voting, you will get access to the information about other users' choice and about the way the votes are distributed.

Presidents are also humans, just as you and me. Imagine, in spite of the fact that they are the main persons in their own countries, they are also to submit to some generally accepted standards. And yet they still are surrounded by people and in fact are very dependent on them. Presidents are elected by people, by you and your acquaintances, by relatives and friends. What do you think, are always the vast majority's votes decisive when electing the president? Voting for the president here, you really express your will, and in this respect you have a casting vote!

Making your choice today, you create your future tomorrow.

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