About the project Mr-President.info

Mr-President.info is an open information portal. It is open because anyone can publish the materials on this site. Therefore we invite all those who have creativity and desire to speak out and participate actively in our unusual project. If you have great material that could attract the attention of the audience or if you have unusual viewpoint, and you want to express your creativity and demonstrate your civic position, then this site is for you!

Launch date of the project is December 5, 2014.

Mr-President.info is a website for people aged 14 to 94 who are interested in life, who cannot imagine their life without communication. It is a site for those who love and can express their thoughts! Our goal is to report all the interesting events so that everyone can choose something that interests to him or her.

Mr-President.info is a self-censored site, with its own rules. We prohibit the use of curse words, pornography and other vulgarities. We are proud that you can safely open our website in the presence of your boss / parents / children / and together with them to take an active part in the dynamic life of our virtual community. We appreciate your opinion, we are interested in your thoughts of current events. Tell us about the positive and interesting things that occur in your life.

Remember that your input and information only adds to the site’s value. We desire to expand the range of interesting information on the site and therefore give you the opportunity to add materials (news, notes, photos, videos) on the website!

Together we will expand the information space, keep abreast of current events, captivate with our ideas, and enrich each other through our shared information.

We try to publish what you send, but remember that thousands people will read it; try to be interesting, considerate and clear to others.

Best regards, administration, owners and creators of the website.

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