A smile costs nothing, but creates much
(Dale Carnegie)

The heads of all countries are represented here, who express your interests both at home and in the United Nations. Were it you who elected them? Was it your intelligent choice? On this page you can get acquainted with each of them, as well as learn more about the head of state, going to his personal page.

For convenience of your search for a particular president use the filter at the top (Choose continent) or start typing the name's first letter in the search field.

In our project, the states' heads meet their guests only in good mood and high spirits. Now they imagine us and the countries we live in. What are presidents smiling at? Are these smiles sincere? What is their price, do you think?

Look at their faces: Do you know any of them? Who do you like most of all? Maybe it's the president of your country, and maybe anybody else?

If you like one of them, check whether the information about him is written correctly. If you think you know about him something else, write to us about it, and your opinion will be taken into account unconditionally!

On every president's page there is interactive information about his current popularity both in the world and in the country.

A president's page has character. You'll find the character that site visitors see in this page section, and you can make your own adjustments to its main features.

When using the interactive features of the project, remember that you should not judge other people's past strictly because you do not know your own future.

Enjoy viewing and make interesting acquaintances.