Since the site’s inception, 24683 letters were written by visitors from 108 countries.

In the last month 359 letters were written by visitors from 24 countries.

The most popular recipient: Petro Poroshenko (Ukraine), the most common topic addressed was "I congratulate you on ...".

The most popular topic - "I congratulate you on ..."

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Writing is refined thinking
Stephen King

Strange as it seems in this thriving time of information technologies epistolary genre has not disappeared but just the opposite way round people write more letters and more and more often, and electronic letters reach the addressee in no time. To top the whole thing we spend a lot of time in social networks of the Internet to leave a mark in the eternity: we always write something to somebody because we subconsciously feel that the written word will stay somewhere and will be read by someone. On our site you can not only write about the weather and how you are feeling but to express valuable thoughts addressed to president. If you want to make our world better, if you know a recipe of a happy society, if you have got ideas that deserve attention – write, it will be interesting for everybody!

Yesterday you did not even know that you have a unique opportunity with no censorship and obstacles to share constructive thoughts with the President, in a sense, become his adviser or critic. On official government websites your message can be lost; it can be ignored, not given any importance, thrown away and forgotten... Here your letter may attract attention of top officials and multiplied by collective support - a thousand likes - be a specific guide to action. We invite you to the steering wheel for competent control of your Reality!

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